Shir Gas Laleh is a manufacturer company established in 1994 for producing Gas valves and Auto parts. The company has been operated under its SHIGAL brand as a professional manufacturer in producing Automobile spare parts and Gas taps in hot forged and machining method.
Good reputation in Auto Industries and Market , make the company as a leader of market for its products. Shigal is well compatible in quality and price and is well known in aftermarket services.
SHIGAL as an active producer has now a cooperation with Ventilation Technology Industry co. (Germany) for all range of products, such as firefighting safety valves, Air controls, Medical valves.

SHIGAL leverages over 2 decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying Auto parts and Gas valves. Company had been honored as a TOP Producer in Iran in " 10th Annual festival of National producer- National" Honor For:
“ laudable perseverance of Company in a bid to upgrading the efficacy and profitability blossoming of Team work who has a skilled personnel and good quality and relationship by their customers, More motivated, therefore more productive and loyal, employees”